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No time for a conversation? My resume might have what you need.

nice to meet you,

I'm Queenie Wu, a product + visual designer and Systems Design Engineering student at the University of Waterloo. Currently, I'm a design intern at Shopify, making commerce better for everyone. I'm also on the hunt for an exciting design internship for Summer 2019!

Aside from meddling with pixels and palettes, I create art, coach and compete trampoline gymnastics, write about life, and eat everything in my way.

but i'm not all talk...

i've empowered large scale e-commerce merchants to automate their business,

Shopify - Product Design Intern - Fall 2018

created a platform for students to improve their financial literacy,

Scotiabank - Product Design Intern - Winter 2018

and directed the brand behind 700 curious minds.

TEDxUW - Design Lead - Fall 2018