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Shopify - Product Design Intern - Fall 2018

I was the sole product designer on a team with three developers, working with a product manager and data scientist. Over the course of 16 weeks, I got to analyze and solve problems through dashboards, dive into design systems, and conduct usability and concept tests on early designs for new features.

Research done has defined the design roadmap for the Flow product and directing OKRs for an upcoming project. Iterative designs for Flow Connectors drove the number of integrations built from 8 to 21 in a four month period.

At Shopify, I was a product design intern on the Flow team - pioneering what it means for merchants to automate their business by offloading time-consuming, repetitive tasks through a visual development tool. Instead of manually tagging orders or capturing payments, over 2000 of our merchants use Flow to automate 4 million of these tasks on a daily basis.

With a large range of development expereince among our user group, the primary focus is to shrink the learning curve to adopt our product without compromising on more complex and powerful functionalities.
Throughout the term, I've had experience working within Shopify's design system, Polaris, optimizing users' visual experience and reducing cognitive load as the product's features and capabilities become more sophisticated. I work side by side with the development team to hand off and ship features to iteratively improve our users' experience.

Notably, I initiated a research project around the topic of trust, conducting both qualitative and quantitative research through user interviews and data analysis on Mode Analytics. The recommendations I made has helped kick off and direct a project spanning into the new year.

I also worked as the sole designer on Flow's integration platform - Flow Connectors. This feature helps Shopify merchants integrate Flow with the existing app ecosytem, consisting of over 2000+ apps. After our initial launch in September, I created iterative designs for both short-term and long-term success based on beta feedback and analysis of how users approach our product. This project revolved around understanding the needs of third-party developers on Shopify, merchant behavior, as well as internal constraints of Shopify's partner platform. My work designing for user growth to scale the Connectors development expereince has driven the number of integrations built from 8 to 21 within my term there, and this number continues to grow.

Please to contact me to learn more about my process and outcomes of this project!